Basil Ginger & French Clay

photo 2

Basil’s essential oil has a warm herbaceous scent and mixes well with ginger’s spicy woody nose.

photo 4

The color was achieved with chlorophyll pigment and creates a gorgeous forest green.

photo 1

The addition of bentonite clay makes this soap perfect for a facial bar as well as a kitchen soap for the herb lover.


sweet orange oatmeal soap

bars of sweet orange oatmeal

A very creamy soap bar with sweet orange essential oil and whole and powdered oatmeal flakes. Makes a creamy lather with a lingering orange citrus scent. Gentle for sensitive skin and a wonderful everyday soap for the whole family.

mixing, pouring & cutting

We always look forward to making a batch of peppermint soap because the peppermint essential oil is so refreshing. Each breath feels crisp and clean. All sleepiness wiped away.

pot of soap

After it is poured into the mold, it sits for about a day to fully saponify. It smells so wonderful.

Once out of the mold, the peppermint scent is intoxicating.

peppermint block

Cutting the soap releases even more of the peppermint scent, it grows richer as it cures.

Batch of peppermint